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A Case of Wrath - a Valence of Infinity novella - C.L. Stegall

Dallas Police Detective Sean Fennema has seen some weird things in his career, and some have never left him. Now a series of brutal murders is vexing the department and Fennema is frustrated that his prime suspect, novelist Damon Gables, seems to have an airtight alibi for each of the murders.

As Fennema runs down every lead he soon finds that Damon is in as much danger as the murderer’s victims and a terrible truth begins to unfold. Could a case of serial killing actually be a series of targeted attacks spanning more than a century? If Fennema is in over his head, can Damon rise to the challenge? Or, will they both be victims in a case of wrath?

Combining the edginess of a police procedural with the dark twists of urban fantasy, A Case of Wrath is a powerful trek into an underworld we rarely witness.

Rated 17+ for brutal violence, sex and adult situations.





…Kind words about The Waif’s Tale…

Sensual, violent and heartwarming

  • Character-driven
    “More than once I found myself chuckling at the ways he portrayed some of the complex relationships.”
  • Modern and Unique
    “First off, I love vampire books and this one took it a bit above and beyond for me.”
  • Strong Female Lead
    “She is strong and righteous…just my kind of heroine.”
  • Immersive Adventure
    “This was one of the fastest read times I have ever had for a book. The story was so gripping that I could not stop.”

Coming December 2017!

The First Novel in the VoI series


TheWaif'sTale - C.L. Stegall