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2017 Monthly Contest & Giveaway

Hi, everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Nope. Not trying to sell you anything! In fact, I wanted to give away some stuff and, hopefully, ask for your kind assistance. I’m looking to get the word out on my writings, share some writing tips and even throw out some cool prizes for your help in getting that word out!

I thought about a myriad of different ways in which to get the sharing on with regard to my writings and such. I have finally decided that the simplest thing to do was to reward those who shared the most!

Super simple:

Entrants are anyone already on OR joining my mailing list!
Rules are simple, too:

  • Join (or, already be on) my mailing list, The CL Quarterly;
  • Like any of my #ValenceOfInfinity tagged posts on Facebook – each Like earns you 1 point;
  • Share any of my #ValenceOfInfinity tagged posts on Facebook – each share earns you 2 points;
  • Like any of my #ValenceOfInfinity tagged posts on Twitter – each like earns you 1 point;
  • Retweet any of my #ValenceOfInfinity tweets on Twitter – each retweet earns you 2 points;
  • Write a review of any of my books (good, bad or indifferent – make it honest!) on Goodreads OR – review will earn you 10 POINTS!


  • Top 2 points earners get
    • (in November) a free, signed physical copy of A Case of Wrath, my latest Valence of Infinity novella!
    • (in December) a free, signed physical copy of the new VoI novel, The Waif’s Tale!
    • Special mention her on the page as that month’s winners!
  • The #1 points earner will ALSO receive a $25 Gift card for!

Again, the steps are simple:

  1. Sign up for the CL Quarterly newsletter;
  2. Receive your free eBook of A Case of Wrath;
  3. Like, Share and/or Retweet  any of my #ValenceOfInfinity tagged posts/tweets;
  4. Write a review of A Case of Wrath;
  5. Earn entry points along the way;
  6. Win cool stuff!

Contest and Giveaway begins on November 1st!