About C.L.

CL Stegall - Author Photo

CL STEGALL has been an engineer, a military intelligence linguist, a rail yard supervisor, a computer geek and, of course, an author. He has spent time on two continents, in 7 countries, and 27 states. He’s climbed in Yosemite and drowned in the Guadalupe. (Let’s not do THAT again!)

With a wealth of experience and hard living behind him (and, in between making a living and a family), CL wrote his first published poem at the age of 19. Since then he has published novels, novellas, and short stories, as well as edited two anthologies while running his own publishing company. These days, he continues to write and to speak at writers’ workshops and events whenever he can.

When not writing or speaking to folks about writing, CL spends his time with his lovely, irrepressible Wife and shares his abode with two dogs who think they run the joint.

Visit him at www.CLStegall.com or find his writings at www.KanjiBird.com