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Sometime in the Near Future

What are some upcoming projects under way?

Zero Level – a full-length novel version of the novella, White Sands, which takes the reader on a more significant trip through the post-pandemic world of Rock Watson and Kel Reed.

Amy’s Ogre (working title) – Amy is a young girl facing troubles at home but she does have friends…of the non-human variety.

The Waif’s Tale – The first novel in the Valence of Infinity trilogy.

Paris has grown from a homeless, helpless child of the streets to a beautiful and lethal member of the Vampire Underground’s elite High Guard.

Her body is that of a teenager, but her mind is older and wiser, and over the course of the last century she has acquired dark and deadly skills.

When one fateful decision turns her from trusted bodyguard to wanted fugitive with a death sentence on her head, Paris escapes to the human world while on the run from an ancient assassin who is the only man capable of finding her and the only man she has ever loved.

Dark, sensual, violent and thrilling, The Waif’s Tale takes you behind the myths and legends and reveals the truth of what it is to be a denizen of the night.

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Kanji Bird Media is the brainchild of fiction writer, C.L. Stegall. Kanji Bird is derived from his family on his Wife's side and his love of flying.